The Goan Catholic family of Mr. Joaquim and Mrs. Maria Piedade Fernandes offers a warm and hospitable welcome to NRI Goan’s & Indians, Local Tourists from all over India and last but not the least our International Foreign Guests from all countries of the world.

Not only a Guest House, But a Home at Candolim beach in North Goa

Goans believe in the old saying; “A house is built with bricks, but a home is built with hearts”.

Keeping this saying in mind, the Fernandes family are offering and opening the very house in which the full family of 2 parents and 2 adorable children have grown up, lovingly in this modern day Goan house.

Shalom Dream Home is thrown open for “holiday stays” to Indian and International tourists who would love to live in a modern Goan home that has been a source of joy, love and peace to one and all.

Shalom Dream Home, A Peaceful Dwelling at Candolim beach in North Goa.

How the name came to be: A home that has been painstakingly and lovingly built for a family dwelling who loves Goa beach very much. A Home where dreams have been carefully nurtured and been fulfilled with God’s blessings and hence finally the Biblical name, “Shalom” was chosen from the Hebrew part of the Holy Bible. Shalom in Hebrew language simply means, “Peace”. Similar to the Arabic word of “Salaam” which means, “Peace” too. Hence the family home which now has become a Tourist Holiday Home got its name as a peaceful place to stay; that is Shalom Dream Home. True to its original meaning of Peace (Shalom), the Fernandes family desired the similar homely peace, harmony and solitude to be made available to the tourists, travellers and holidaying families in Goa.


Shalom Dream Home: Safe, Secure and Sheltered.

Groups and families planning to holiday in North Goa and desiring to play and party on the world famous beaches of Candolim and Calangute will love to stay in an actual modern day Goan house. The property of Shalom Dream Home is surrounded by a “Boundary Wall” encircled by greenery & with a huge gate, so the house is situated and located in a total private property that has both Security and Care taker, 24/7 hours on call within the property of Shalom Dream Home at Candolim.

Home away from Home: That’s Shalom Dream Home

This is an actual Goan family house that has been opened for Indian and Foreign tourists who love to have all of the modern day comforts and luxuries that they enjoy back at their own homes. You name it and every modern day household gadget is in perfect working and near new condition at your service to give you a premium holiday experience in Goa. On entering inside Shalom Dream Home, here are some of the feelings that guests express in few words; Homely, Family, Perfect, Complete, Clean, Modern, Comfortable, Luxurious, Harmonious and very importantly peaceful.

Shalom Dream Home: Your Beach Holiday home at Candolim beach in North Goa

This is a Duplex (single storey) Deluxe Goan Villa/Bungalow designed in modern architectural style and furnished with every modern and expensive equipment needed to spend a relaxed & rejuvenating holiday on the golden sands of Candolim beach. This Holiday home is to be found in the middle of north Goa’s famous beach strip of Sinquerim beach – Candolim beach – Calangute beach – Baga beach. Shalom dream home is a 280 Square Meters or 2800 Square Feet deluxe family accommodation for couples, families and large group of tourists.



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