Fort Aguada

The ancient Portuguese fort was engineered and built to protect the Sea coast of Goa from Anti Portuguese invaders. Though the Aguada fort is in ruins, but they are in good condition for a visit and picnic too. The main other purpose of the Fort was of it being a huge storage tank of fresh water resource for the passing by ships. In the 16th Century Aguada fort had the largest man made storage tank for drinking water in the whole of East India. The Aguada fort is a visual treat and delight for the eyes. This Fort Aguada is 16 kms from the Capital city of Panjim and a few kms from Shalom Dream Home, Candolim.




Fort Aguada light house

On the Aguada fort at Sinquerim stands a 4-storey Portuguese lighthouse, erected in 1864 and the oldest of its kind in Asia. Built in 1612, it was once the grandstand of 79 cannons, a moat around the fort also protected it. Located only at 5 minutes’ drive from Shalom Dream Home and within the precincts of the Aguada Fort.




Coco Beach in Nerul

Coco beach is also known as Nerul Beach. This beach is located in the fishing village of Nerul. Coco beach being positioned at the mouth of the Nerul River on the Mandovi Estuary, one can see the outline of Panjim city from the beach. Coco beach is the only beach in Goa where you can see a city on the horizon. Further down the estuary there the two small beaches of Quedevelim and the Reis Magos Church and Reis Magos Fort. When you are at Candolim, you can visit Coco Beach and Nerul fishing village, which are just 5km away from Shalom Dream Home. Here you can enjoy a drink and a bite at St. Francis Shack or just enjoy boat rides up the Mandovi River.




Nerul River

Standing tall on top of the Nerul Bridge that connects all the interior villages to the coastal and tourist belt, one can not miss the beautiful white washed Candolim church which stands out majestically with its two spires jutting out in the village greenery. At a walking distance one can go boating, fishing or just do some excellent bird watching around Nerul River. This calm and serene river is constantly moving to enter into the Arabian Sea. One just has to stand on the Nerul Bridge to enjoy this lovely river passing below. Only 1 kms distance from Shalom Dream Home in Candolim.




Nerul Village

Nerul is one of the few coastal villages of Goa that is touched by the great Arabian Sea on one side and is kissed by the ever meandering and soothing Nerul River which is part of the majestic Mandovi River on the other side. The village Nerul is surrounded by ever- green hillocks which are part of the Western Ghats. Goa’s Nerul village is a small fishing village well-known for its river and the striking palm fringed coco beach which is complete with beach shacks and a few basic restaurants. The backwaters of Mandovi River (Nerul River) separates Nerul from Candolim and adds a calm & soothing melancholy charm as it curves graciously inland to halt at the Verem manos (dyke).



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