About Baga Beach

Baga beach is a seaside village in the northern part of Goa. The immediate neighbor of Baga beach is the world famous Calangute beach. The beach of Baga lies in the extreme corner. One can start a beach trek starting at the foot of the Aguada Hill walking first on the 5 Star Hotels beach of Sinquerim, then entering into the beach of Shalom Dream Home or Candolim beach, then continuing into the Queen of North Goa beaches, that is Calangute beach and finally ending the beach trek at Baga beach. Originally Baga beach was only a sleepy fishing village. But with the entry of foreign tourists flocking to Goa, the full village transformed itself into a tourist village with plenty of fine dining restaurants, dozens of beach shacks, choice of discotheques and nightclubs too. Shalom Dream Home is just a few kms drive from Baga Beach in North Goa.

About Baga River

Traditionally and locally in Goa, the Baga River is also called as Riviera De Goa. This river or rather narrow rivulet is only 10 kms long and begins somewhere in the dense forests of Bardez and Assagao. Earlier there used to exist a very interesting Box Bridge that has now been replaced by the most modern bridge of today. This Baga Bridge separates the agricultural fields on one side and the large scale commercial tourist developments on the other north side. The Baga River flows directly into the Arabian Sea. This river of Baga gets colorfully dressed during the Sangodd festival which is a traditional boat festival held in honor of Saint John the Baptist. Shalom Dream Home is just a few kms drive from Baga River in North Goa.

About Baga Estuary

The estuary of Baga is where the sweet meandering waters of the Baga River meets and kisses the saline (salty) waters of the Arabian Sea for the first time. The Baga Estuary is a Tidal estuary, meaning the water level at the meeting point of the River and Sea rises and falls with the ebbs of the tides. At high time one has to use Baga Bridge to cross the river. At low tide, one can walk barefoot and cross the same rivulet. Shalom Dream Home is just a few kms drive from Baga Estuary in North Goa.

About Baga Hillock

On setting foot on Baga beach, one cannot fail to notice the protruding hillock that enters into the Arabian Sea. This hill of Baga is free from any major tourist development and the only structure that exists from a long time ago is the Xavier Retreat House Built by Fr. Le Tellier after making fervent appeals, coupled with public prayers and penance to convince Prof. Christovao Egypsy, who was the landlord and title holder of the property, to donate the land for this social purpose. The Xavier Retreat House positioned on the very picturesque peninsular end of the Baga beach shore was constructed by Fr. Adrian Le Tellier S.J., a Belgian Jesuit belonging to the Province of Kolkata. In response to Fr. Le Tellier's appeals, parishioners willingly carried a stone each time they came up to attend daily mass. By 1951, the Retreat House stood complete - a compliment to the skills and the materials used at that time, with an aura of prayer surrounding the place - indeed, a true labor of love and participation. Cross the Baga River by the bridge and walk 10 minutes uphill to reach this Baga hillock retreat. It is a mega visual treat for the eyes. One can see all the 4 beaches of Baga to Sinquerim in a bird’s eye view from Baga Hillock. Shalom Dream Home is just a few kms drive from Baga Hillock in North Goa.


Baga boat ride to Anjuna Flea Market

Only on every Wednesday during the tourist season, the fisher folk of Baga convert their fishing boats into passenger boats to ferry Indian and Foreign tourists who want to directly reach the Anjuna Flea Market which is organized near Anjuna beach. The boat ride begins from the Baga side of the Baga Hillock and moves in a semi-circle over the Arabian Sea and within 15 minutes one will find oneself approaching the shores of Anjuna beach on the other side of Anjuna Hillock. This wonderful joy ride on the boat is the best short cut to reach from Baga to Anjuna in a few minutes. Get off the wooden Goan boat and head directly to the Flea market to do some beach shopping for Indian souvenirs. Shalom Dream Home is just a few kms drive from Baga Boat ride to Anjuna Flea Market in North Goa.



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