In the tiny paradise of Goa, the twin beaches of Candolim – Calangute have ended up becoming like the Mecca of Beaches in North Goa and India. Millions of tourists visiting Goa make a beeline to set their foot on the Silvery Sands of Calangute beach. One can comfortably stay at Shalom Dream Home and walk or take a short bike ride to reach the shores of Calangute beach.

For many tourists Goa is a beach destination and Calangute is Queen of beaches.

The southern coastal state of Goa has been blessed with 72 plus beaches that are accessible by foot and vehicle too. Basically for majority of tourists Goa is a majestic beach destination and almost all of them would love to stay either bang on the beach or in beach accommodations closest to the ocean sea front. Though Goa is much more then Calangute, the Calangute beach is the center point of tourism related activities in Goa.


  • Sands shining like Gold, hence golden sands beach.
  • Professional lifeguards on duty at Calangute beach.
  • Shallow Calangute waters makes swimming safest.
  • Variety of Beach Shack Restaurants with Sunset view
  • Plenty of Ala carte and Multi cuisine restaurants all around Calangute beach.
  • Calangute is the capital for discotheques, pubs and nightclub activity.
  • Calangute beach is an all Season Tourist destination.
  • Spirits, Wines & Alcoholic drinks easily available.
  • Calangute to Baga ending till Anjuna is the capital city of party animals.
  • Parasailing and Paragliding facilities at Calangute beach.
  • Lots of watersports activities on Calangute beach.
  • Hundreds of Beach beds to relax and rewind at Calangute.
  • Regular beach events happening bang on Calangute beach.
  • Choice of multiple boat operators for joy boat rides on Calangute Sea.
  • Dolphin Sight Seeing Trips in Calangute beach.

Holiday activities at Calangute beach

Plethora of fun activities on Calangute beach. Multiple water sports activities and choice of water sports operators to choose from.  Apart from safe swimming, one can opt for boating, rafting, parasailing, surfing, beach volleyball games, walking/trekking on beach etc.  If you are a shopaholic then the beach front will be for you a shopper’s delight. From machine made crafts to hand made handicrafts, from genuine antiques to original duplicates, from chic ethnic to fabulous foreign good, from traditional Indian wear to modern outfits that has just come in style. One can just rest on the beach beds of Calangute to get a tan. Or enjoy the soul soft music played in the shacks. Also dolphin and crocodile sighting trips are available at Calangute beach.

Brief History of Calangute beach

In the early 1960’s:
In the early 1970’s:
In the early 1980’s:
Unknown to many, the world famous band of Beatles discovered the Gem of Goa much before Indians and others learned about this beautiful pearl besides the Arabian Sea. This was the age of rebellion breaking out all over the west which introduced the Hippies or the Flower children as they were also called. Happy with the basic necessities of Sun, Sand, Sea, Strumming Guitars and the Susegaddo Goan lifestyle enchanted them to stay and holiday for a couple of decades in this seaside resort of Goa, which was prime, pristine and pure.
1974, the Taj Group of Hotels Private Limited, unwrapped India's first international five star deluxe beach resort, in North Goa. Fort Aguada Beach Resort in Goa at Sinquerim very close to Candolim beach and Shalom dream holiday home. The early 70’s saw the arrival of the “Rich & the Famous” foreign tourists delighting in the coastal beauties of Goa.
Chartered tourists make their mark in Goa. Also known as packaged tourists. These bed and breakfast tourists from different parts of Western Europe thronged the beaches of Goa. Goa was being swarmed by the middle class tourists of Europe for whom holidaying in Calangute and Goa became the inexpensive and most colorful destination to get a natural beach sun tan on their white Caucasian skins.
In the early 2000’s:
In the early 2010’s:
In the early 2016’s:
By 2000, Goa becomes the Millennium Destination of many Indians, foreign tourists and the serious traveller with his backpack who wanted to explore the whole of India and finally relax in Goa before heading for home. Every tourist season in Goa from October till May sees a floating tourist population that is equivalent to the total residential population living permanently in Goa.
Calangute – Candolim beach along with all of Goa has without any doubt become the Mecca of Holiday destination in India and the whole wide world. Since 2010 Goa has become by tourist’s choice, the 365 days destination of India. No longer does Goa have any off season. There are monsoon loving tourists who visit Goa even during the rains. Calangute and Goa has truly become an all the year 365 days round holiday destination.
With Candolim and Calangute beach at the epicenter and the whole of North Goa receiving the active tourists while sending the passive tourists to South Goa for a quieter holiday, Goa is booming on the tourist front. Candolim and Goa is poised to become the Las Vegas of India.

Shalom Dream Home welcomes happy holidaymakers to visit Candolim beach and Calangute beach and to capture their holiday memories in the sands of time on the many beaches of Goa.


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